Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

In this episode, Nicole and Michael speak with their awesome neighbor Shelagh who is a talented vocalist and the worship pastor at The River in Kalamazoo, MI.

This May Sound Like an Infomercial

Nicole and Michael have been eating the Ketogenic diet for more than six years. In this episode, they explain what is so life changing about the diet, how they learned to make it a part of their life, and which ketogenic foods and recipes are amongst their favorites.

This Episode is Not About Dogs

Black and white dog

It was going to be about dogs. But, instead it is about social media, digital advertising, and how to help you to succeed online. Get likes, subscribes, and all that stuff.

Nicole Knows Football

Kigoa football on green grass during daytime

In this super-duper-bowl episode, Nicole and Michael share a bonanza of facts regarding the championship of one of America’s favorite sports.

What is Wordle?

Close up shot of keyboard buttons

Nicole and Michael discuss one of the latest and greatest puzzle trends making the circuit online.