More Squash Than She Asked For

Photo of the Royal Princess cruise ship.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael discuss planting new trees, fresh squash, adventures in grilling, their favorite five senses, and their recent documentary buffet of topics including basketball scandals, covid cruises and true crime.

The Upswing of the Downhill Spiral

Worms eye view of spiral stained glass decors through the roof

In this episode, Nicole and Michael discuss how older people leave voice messages, a Mina health update, the best sneakers, our life and MRIs, the Queen, what’s trendy in corn and squash.

The TikTok Butter Restock Scandal

Photo of Butter by Oatsy40.

In episode 28, Nicole and Michael chat about poison ivy, magical glasses that display subtitles in real-time, the trend of restock videos as well as Netflix movie posters, leaky sinks and tasty pork rind nachos.

For Sale: Golf Clubs – $840,000 Or Best Offer

Golf club in black golf bag.

In this episode Nicole and Michael take on the “Five Things” challenge that went viral on TikTok the previous week. Find out what five things they each wish they had known sooner and now can’t live without.

The Tesla of Hose Reels

In this episode, Nicole and Michael discuss Galileo thermometer, old-school encyclopedias, how happy a new hose reel makes you in your mid-forties, Mina the amazing dog and keto cakes.

Why Pirates Wear Eye Patches

In episode 25 of season one, Nicole and Michael relive their longest visit to a Verizon store, share cleaning tips, talk freezing blueberries, as well as discuss parades, chicken, Beavis and Butt-Head and pirates.

How are they going to explain this at my funeral?

Photo of blueberry fruit in a gray container.

In episode 24 of our first season, we are talking about blueberries, wireless service providers, Google Fiber, learning to play the piano, adventures in avoiding poison ivy and new flavors and brands of seltzer water to try out.