You Say It’s Your Birthday

It’s Michael’s birthday, so we decided to have a little chat about documentaries and comedy series while preparing cookies for him to enjoy.

Live From Kalamazoo, It’s Saturday Morning

Photo of a birthday cake.

Nicole and Michael discuss their adventures from the week, including trying to get started with a new healthcare insurance provider, trying out chocolate cake recipes, and discussing the local housing market.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Forever

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about things you should plan to do when bringing a new dog home. Learn how to set yourself up for success, find the best fit, and provide the best care for your new dog.

It’s The Circle Of Cast Iron Life

Raw broken egg in frying pan placed on table

Nicole and Michael chat about how to clean gross, neglected cast iron cookware. How to keep often used cast iron in good shape. How to take them from rusty, unusable gross-fest state to renewed kitchen tools.

National Lost Dog Awareness Day

Nicole and Michael discuss tips and best practices for keeping your dog safe, what to do if you find a lost dog, and steps to take if your dog has gone missing.


Sliced boiled egg on white plate

Nicole and Michael discuss the scientific techniques required for preparing the perfect hard boiled egg.