It’s The Circle Of Cast Iron Life

In this episode, Nicole and Michael chat about how to clean gross, neglected cast iron cookware. How to keep often used cast iron in good shape. How to take them from rusty, unusable gross-fest state to renewed kitchen tools.

How to clean cast iron



  1. Clean off worst of the gunk with paper towel
  2. Soak in 50/50 vinegar and water for one hour
  3. Scrub with metal scrubby
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water
  5. Scrub with salt and metal scrubby
  6. Rinse with soap and water
  7. Dry with paper towel
  8. Dry in oven at 225 degrees for ten minutes
  9. Rub oil in to warm/hot pan – do not rub oil on cold pan
  10. Place in 500 degree oven for one hour
  11. Clean up counters, sink and door handles with degreaser
  12. Turn oven off and allow pan to cool completely overnight
  13. Repeat steps 8, 9, 10 and 12 at least once

How to clean pan after cooking

  1. Pour any grease in the garbage
  2. Wipe away any large bits of food with paper towel
  3. Wash with small amount of soap and warm water (or kosher salt) and metal scrubby
  4. Rub warm/hot pan with avocado oil
  5. Store pan with a paper towel inside until next use

Problem Solving 

  • Pan is sticky or has drip spots on sides – too much oil during seasoning: solve by continuing to season with less oil
  • Paper towel is black after wiping the pan – seasoning is breaking down: solve by following the cleaning directions
  • Rust spots – pan has been left out with food or water inside: solve by following the cleaning directions


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