Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Forever

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about things you should plan to do when bringing a new dog home. Learn how to set yourself up for success, find the best fit, and provide the best care for your new dog.


Things to prepare before you pick up your dog

Gather supplies

First hour

  • Stay calm
  • Introduce dog to your house on a leash
  • Introduce dog to yard on leash – if business occurs praise!

First day

  • Stay calm
  • Establish a schedule
  • House breaking/training
  • Exercise both inside and outside
  • Set boundaries
  • Use your dog’s new name consistently and constantly
  • Let them rest (clementine slept for two days)

First week

  • Stay calm
  • Hand feed
  • Be consistent
  • Start working on goals (NOT training)
  • If your new dog misbehaves in the first few weeks it is not their fault – they are learning – teach them – give it time

Set achievable goals (for example)

  • Doing business outside, only
  • Eating on schedule 
  • Sleeping at night
  • Around the house (not jumping on furniture, not jumping on the bed, can have certain toys all the time, woofing, can only go out the back door, etc.)

First month

  • Make plans for obedience training and start a good program


  • Stay calm
  • Crates are not for every dog but they can be an amazing training tool
  • Dogs need time to adjust – personalities will continue to emerge
  • Be consistent
  • 333 rule – 3 days to decompress – 3 weeks to learn new routines – 3 months to start to feel at home

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