Henry vs. The Evil Kitchen Ceiling Fan of Death

Photo of Henry on his elevated bed.

Hey there podcast listeners, in this episode catch up with Nicole and Michael’s adventures in having painters in their home, updating their kitchen, life with allergies, training dogs, avoiding ticks, dryer balls, Verizon problems, and Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

The Funny Title Generator Has Crashed Unexpectedly

Photo of Henry snoozing.

Nicole and Michael kick off their first episode of March with a run down of allergies that affect Henry and Nicole, they talk about MVP’s stinky gym clothes, repairing clothing, updating kitchens, vacuum cleaning, bird feeding, lost dogs, taxes, and streaming shows. Don’t miss listening to it today!

4 Adults, 8 Countries, 21 Days, a Volvo XC90 and Gary

Photo of David traveling Europe with his family.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael chat with David Bierema about his recent trip to Europe where he spent three weeks with family, friends and a dog eating amazing food, checking out professional sheep herding dogs, and his dream skiing experience.

Dear Daniel: You’re Evicted Goddammit

Dear Daniel from Hello Kitty.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael share updates on their Noxgear, talk about customizing ketchup and mustard bottles, and provide a roll up on their favorite games and movies they’ve enjoyed over the past few months.

Sorry Tony Danza, Nicole’s the Boss

Screenshot of the main titles for the TV Show Who's the Boss?

In this episode, Nicole and Michael catch up after being off for a few weeks. Topics include Nicole’s expert research and reviews vs. Wirecutters, huge lawn Santas, winter dog care, solar power inverters, and more.

Nicole Didn’t Like Any of the Episode Titles We Wrote, So There

Photo of MVP blowing leaves.

In this episode, we reminder you to not forget about all the important Fall-season tasks you should do annually including changing batteries, rotating fan rotation, and more. We also chat about our favorite leaf clean up tools, bamboo fiber flour, clay paw prints, David McCallum, our new water pitcher, and Christmas decorations.