Enter the Fire Exit for Big Savings

Save big money.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael return from a multi-week break to reminisce about things that have sucked lately, celebrities who have recently died, Henry’s special diet, Gotcha Day celebrations, keto-friendly brownie mixes, mattress toppers, and what they’ve been watching.

No Bugs Were Killed During this Episode, Except That One

The bug that was squished, maybe.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael are dog sitting again. Nicole has tips on cleaning floor fans and windows. We get a new air conditioner, apply solar films to our windows, and clean the roof. We also got a free home energy analysis, grew grass, and watched a bunch of streaming video.

The Expandable Hose Enters Nicole’s Punch Circle

Photo of a garden hose.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael share updates on life after tree removal, the process of planting new seeds, tornados romping through the region, Ryan Hall, emergency apps, disappointing northern lights watching, and test keto bakes for upcoming birthdays.

Ten Mediocre Show Recommendations and One Kick Ass Cake

Photo of a four tier cake with red roses.

Nicole and Michael bring you up to date on making your own dog treats, handling dog motion sickness, ladder maintenance, tree removal, estate planning, and a round up of what they’ve been watching.

Henry vs. The Evil Kitchen Ceiling Fan of Death

Photo of Henry on his elevated bed.

Hey there podcast listeners, in this episode catch up with Nicole and Michael’s adventures in having painters in their home, updating their kitchen, life with allergies, training dogs, avoiding ticks, dryer balls, Verizon problems, and Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

The Funny Title Generator Has Crashed Unexpectedly

Photo of Henry snoozing.

Nicole and Michael kick off their first episode of March with a run down of allergies that affect Henry and Nicole, they talk about MVP’s stinky gym clothes, repairing clothing, updating kitchens, vacuum cleaning, bird feeding, lost dogs, taxes, and streaming shows. Don’t miss listening to it today!