Sorry Tony Danza, Nicole’s the Boss

In this episode, Nicole and Michael catch up after being off for a few weeks. Topics include Nicole’s expert research and reviews vs. Wirecutters, huge lawn Santas, winter dog care, solar power inverters, and more. Listen to the episode here.

Show Notes for Season 2 Episode 30 – December 9, 2023 

First Up

  • You should trust NVP’s opinions – Wirecutter sucks (Zojirushi, LL Bean bag, LL Bean pants, Hurtta, Weatherbeeta, Henry Hoover, Altra sneakers, Odoban) 
  • Appliances from the 80s – Is it better to replace 40 year old appliances (Washer and dryer – our stove cannot be repaired)

What Nicole’s Been Buying (Or Wants To)

Stuff About Dogs

What We’ve Been Fixing

What’s Been Annoying Us

What We’ve Been Watching

  • Who’s The Boss? (TV Series)
    • Who is the boss?
      • According to opinions on Quora
        • In retrospect, it should be clear that “The Boss” was Alyssa Milano who played Tony Danza’s daughter Samantha. She enchanted a generation of teenage boys while on the show.
        • It was often Mona, Angela’s mother, played by actress Katherine Helmond, who was often “The Boss.” She certainly got her “way” the majority of the time. Judith Light portrays Angela Bower, a divorced and uptight advertising executive, who employs Tony as a live-in housekeeper at her residence 
        • They are ALL the boss (see below)
          Image of cast of Who's the Boss.


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