Nicole Didn’t Like Any of the Episode Titles We Wrote, So There

Photo of MVP blowing leaves.

In this episode, we reminder you to not forget about all the important Fall-season tasks you should do annually including changing batteries, rotating fan rotation, and more. We also chat about our favorite leaf clean up tools, bamboo fiber flour, clay paw prints, David McCallum, our new water pitcher, and Christmas decorations.

Sorry, Rick Grimes. MVP Thinks You Suck.

Photo of a zombie-esque city.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about where they’ve been lately, MVP talks about nerd books and sci-fi, good and terrible stuff they’ve been streaming, dog beds, and Nicole’s favorite TikTok star of the week.

Pinocchio Would Make a Terrible Santa

Photo of Santa holding a snow globe.

It this episode, Nicole and Michael chat about their basement, making donations, recycling, Super Mario, what to watch or avoid on streaming right now, and a documentary titled Santa Camp.

See, We Don’t Talk About Dogs in Every Episode

Photo of Mina and Clem for the holidays.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about snow, snow blowers, rechargeable batteries, ginger ale, peanut butter cookies, the Mario brothers, Pepsi, Christmas movies and black November.