Pinocchio Would Make a Terrible Santa

Photo of Santa holding a snow globe.

It this episode, Nicole and Michael chat about their basement, making donations, recycling, Super Mario, what to watch or avoid on streaming right now, and a documentary titled Santa Camp.

See, We Don’t Talk About Dogs in Every Episode

Photo of Mina and Clem for the holidays.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about snow, snow blowers, rechargeable batteries, ginger ale, peanut butter cookies, the Mario brothers, Pepsi, Christmas movies and black November.

We Don’t Know What Winterize Means, But You Should

Photo of Clem and fall leaves.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about what smart things to do as the Fall season gets underway, what’s been happening in the world of Mina, an update on their basement, as well as a run down of devices apps and more that they can’t live without.

He’s Been Wearing the Same Pair of Socks for 20 Years

Photo of Michael's 20-year-old socks.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael share fresh farmer’s market updates, discuss the changing seasons and fall colors, and Nicole shares her two decades of laundry expertise that will save you time and money while making your clothing last longer than you ever dreamed.

Things To Do Before It’s the End of the World

Eye of the storm image from outer space.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael share updates on their adventures in digestive health for their dog Wilhelmina, chayote squash, unexpected MRIs, and how to plan and be prepared for natural disasters or the end of the world.