Which #$@*ing Castle is the Princess in?

Nicole and Michael discuss the exciting world of console video gaming and their experience with getting a new Nintendo Switch.

Cost of current consoles:

Sony Playstation 5 – $499 (with hidden costs: $1500)

Microsoft Xbox Series X – $499 (with hidden costs $960) —- How the xbox is named and why it’s confusing.

Microsoft Xbox Series S – $299

Nintendo Switch OLED ($349) or Switch ($299) or Lite ($199) – We had to purchase an extra controller $24, an online subscription and then games which are about $60 each

Questions to ask when buying a game console?

  1. What do your friends have?
  2. Do you need an internet connection?
  3. What types of games do you enjoy?
  4. Pay attention to accessory costs
  5. Pay attention to extra add on costs like online subscriptions

How to pick the Nintendo Switch that might be right for you and your family.

People, like me, are still playing their Wiis.

Nintendo is making a game for the Switch – Switch Sports, which is a remake of the popular Wii Sports.

Our favorite games:

Switch – Mario Party, Luigi’s Mansion 3 (graphics were amazing but the game was just okay), Stardew Valley 

Xbox One X – Michael’s games: Cyberpunk 2077, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Pinball FX 3, Final Fantasty 10, Forza Horizon (fortza)

Xbox One X games – Nicole and Michael’s games – Overcooked, Moving Out

iPhone – Nicole’s favorite matching games: Match Town, Small Town, Park Town (apparently any game with ‘town’ in the title)

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