Wanted: 50 Rooster American Apparel T-shirts

In this episode, Nicole and Michael discuss cool new phrases, what to watch online, when places they love go out of business, and dog toys, treats and adoption.

Show Notes from Season 2, Episode 2


  • Shelagh and Robbie (for visiting, for note and gift)
  • Bernie’s Best – flowers 
  • Jen who made donation
  • Lori gift certificate 

Brand New Phrase (to us)

  • Donkey Bridges – Dutch ezelsbruggetje (english-mnemonic): we discussed how to change topics
    • A “donkey bridge” associates words and other things you want to remember with images.
    • Donkeys were used in the countryside and they would go across gaps and ditches on temporary plank bridges, and they were scared of water, but not heights, and they would take a shortcut to their destination. 
  • Gelelim fasulyenin faydalarına” – a Turkish expression which be translated as “let’s get/come to the benefits of beans”
  • Turn the crack  is an expression in Scotland: (98% of Scottish people speak english) – means to change the subject of a conversation
  • And now for something completely different” is popular with British people and originated from Monty Python in 1971 (I prefer this one)

What We’re Watching

Going Out of Business

  • Chicken T-shirts
  • Hagoromo Chalk (fulltouch chalk)
    • People loved this chalk worldwide
    • It went out of business and people bought it and saved it
    • A  Korean teacher finally bought the company and saved it
  • Video stores
  • 3rd Party Twitter Clients
    • Twitter killed their API with zero notice last week, then rewrote the terms/rules to justify that developers were breaking rules about replicating the Twitter platform
    • Two beloved apps made two small developers/companies and had no choice but to discontinue their respective apps.
      • Twitterific 2007 to 2023 – first to use a blue bird icon to represent their Twitter app, first to redefine the word “tweet” to mean a post on Twitter, first desktop and mobile client (before Twitter even)
      • Tapbots 2011 to 2023
      • Both companies won numerous Apple Design Awards

Dog Toys

  • West Paw Zogoflex Toppl or Tux
    • Sardines
    • Baby food
    • Yogurt
    • Canned chicken
    • Peanut butter
    • Kibble soaked in broth
    • Bananas
    • Cream cheese
    • Sweet potato
    • Squash
  • Lick mats
    • Pumpkin
    • Yogurt
    • Peanut butter
    • Banana
    • Baby food
    • Cream cheese
    • Sweet potato
    • Squash
    • Apple sauce 

Dog Treats We Love Right Now

Adopting a Dog

  • Rescues want too much information
    • Should you lie on your application?
      • We could not give Wilhelmina flea/tick medication for the last year of her life due to her EPI/SIBO
      • Our fence is 4 feet tall
    • Application fees
    • Adoption fees of $600 to $900
    • Wanted to see tax returns or wanted a SSN or banking information
    • Home visits or photos
    • Employment records
    • Invasive interviews
    • Requirements
      • Feed a raw diet or special holistic diet
      • Complete training with their trainer
      • Buy supplements from an MLM (NuVet)
  • Shelters just want you to adopt their animals

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