This May Sound Like an Infomercial

Nicole and Michael have been eating the Ketogenic diet for more than six years. In this episode, they explain what is so life changing about the diet, how they learned to make it a part of their life, and which ketogenic foods and recipes are amongst their favorites.

Show Notes & Links

How to calculate macros

How to read nutrition labels and calculate net carbs

Keeping track of daily food with Cronometer

Keto websites and blogs we like

Keto brands we like:

  • Zevia
  • Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets
  • Pork King Good
  • Nick’s Sticks
  • Keto Chow
  • Super Coffee
  • ChocZero

A few good recipes:

Pantry Staples and brands we like:

  • Almond flour – Kirkland brand (Costco)
  • Coconut flour – Anthony’s Organic (Amazon)
  • Lupin flour – Aviate Lupini flour (Amazon)
  • Protein powder – Isopure Zero carb plain (Amazon)
  • Golden flaxseed – Bob’s Red Mill (Amazon)
  • Xanthan gum – Anthony’s Organic (Amazon)
  • Stevia granular – Stevia in Raw or store brand (local supermarket)
  • Erythritol granular – Anthony’s Organic (Amazon)
  • Monk fruit – Lankanto (Amazon)
  • Cocoa powder – Anthony’s Organic (Amazon)
  • Beef Gelatin – Now Brands (Amazon)

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