Things To Do Before It’s the End of the World

In this episode, Nicole and Michael share updates on their adventures in digestive health for their dog Wilhelmina, chayote squash, unexpected MRIs, and how to plan and be prepared for natural disasters or the end of the world.

Show Notes: Season 1 Episode 35 – 10/01/2022

Wilhelmina Fiber experiment 

Chayote squash – not in stock


MRI and CT scans of fruits and veg

Government Prep plan

Additional Essentials and Important Materials

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Make sure your policy is up to date and coverage is complete
  • Have extra cash on hand ($1,000) consider having a safe
  • Have an emergency fund IN the bank of between $1,000 and $2,000
  • ATMs do not work when the power is out
  • Have copies of important documents in a waterproof bag
    • Birth certificates – SSN cards
    • dog licenses and vaccination records
    • insurance policy information
    • driver’s licenses/identifications
    • medication lists/health insurance cards
    • deed/lease to home and car
    • bank information

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