Sometimes the Magic 8 Ball Gets Things Wrong

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about dog adoption, custom t-shirts, hiccup remedies, subtitles, streaming, and video games.

Season 2 Episode 3 – January 28, 2023: Show Notes


Bonnie – Dog aggression

  • Simpawtico Dog training
  • Training and obedience are crucial for building confidence and helping a dog learn skills to get along with the world
  • Clementine was not a social dog
    • We went through the entire Simpawtico class with her (online) and her confidence bloomed – she now enjoys other dogs
  • Dogs can become unhealthily bonded to one person and this can lead to fear aggression and separation anxiety 
    • Louie had separation anxiety, but after training and weekly daycare he is now great
  • Why we don’t accept aggressive dogs in our house – 

Sample dog description: Dog is doing so great and on the way to regaining her personality! Dog is around 2 years old. She is a sweet girl that is looking for a home that can help her build confidence and love her. She would love a home where her people are home more often than not. Children of the teenage variety would be preferred and maybe another calm, confident dog. Not cat tested. It can take her a minute to warm up and would love a quieter home that can help compliment her gentle side. 

Pet Resource Network

T-shirt Update

Medium Control (t-shirts)


  • Hiccups – think about the fact that you are not a fish 
  • Human brain stems were inherited from ambitions and the brain will spurt out odd messages from time to time which are essentially the same idea as gill breathing, but as humans we end up with hiccups



  • Technology – microphones record differently today they are wireless, smaller and record on different tracks
    • Mumbly actors can just be mumbly
    • Actors used to have to re-record lines (Automated Dialogue Replacement) to make them understandable  – they still do ADR but not very often because it is super expensive
  • Cannot just “turn up dialogue” (something I ask about constantly) because movies want to preserve ‘dynamic range’ the range between the movie’s quietest sound and the loudest sound
    • If the dialogue is super loud the booms would not feel as authentic and would sound distorted.
  • Christopher Nolan: He mixes his movies for ‘Dolby Atmos’ not down-mixed for home televisions
  • Some televisions now come with an active voice amplification setting
  • Buy better speakers
  • Use subtitles
  • Go to the theater

Streaming: What We’re Watching


  • Nuclear (new-cle-ar) not new-que-lar
  • Antarctic (ant-ark-tick) not an-ar-tick
  • Cache not cashay
  • Espresso not expresso
  • Illinois not Illinois
  • Jewelry (Jewl-a-ree) not Jool-ree 
  • Pronunciation (pro-nun-ciation) not pro-noun-ciation 
  • Mischievous (MIS-chi-vus) not mis-CHEEV-ee-us

Gaming: What We’re Playing

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