Baseball Might be the One Thing Vinegar Can’t Make Better

Photo of a kid playing baseball.

We’ve got a joke (or two) for you, a conversation about changes to the official rules for baseball, dealing with stains and your favorite travel mug, dishwasher cleaning, rug corners, Spravato for anxiety and depression, and Nicole’s pick for her favorite TikTok account of the week.

The New Adventures of Old Spot

Illustration from a classic 'Dick and Jane' book.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael share updates about their dog adoption search, powering your home with a generator, and video gaming. They also share tips on maintenance that can extend the life of your headphones, what to do along with the time change over, and the tough choice and process of surrendering or having to re-home a dog.

Slammed in the Face With the Door of ‘You’re Old’

Photo of an Old Man Dancing.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about people who cover the weather online, their most and least favorite commercials from the Super Bowl, new iPhone features, preparing taxes for submission, men’s underwear, spring cleaning, gaming, surge protectors and generator fuel. Whew, that’s a lot of stuff.

If You Go to Home Depot, Ask For Barry

Photo of Michael and Nicole playing Sorry during a power outage.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael share their experience of the great ice storm of 2023 which caused them and more than 750,000 people in Michigan to lose power for several days. They also share an update on Michael’s keratoconus surgery from earlier in the week.

Three Words: Cinnamon Macadamia Nuts

Photo of an assortment of Keto-friendly snacks.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael discuss what they’ve been watching, Netflix password sharing, M&Ms drama, normalizing being normal, keto treats for Valentines day, and tax season.

Wanted: 50 Rooster American Apparel T-shirts

Photo of Clem, Mina, and the Mina Ornament.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael discuss cool new phrases, what to watch online, when places they love go out of business, and dog toys, treats and adoption.

Death, Bad Movies, Blindness and a Rainbow Light

Photo of Wilhelmina Lolita.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about what Christmas and New Years was like, Wilhelmina Lolita, dog adoption, what they’ve been watching online, really cool LED wall/window lights, and keratoconus.

Pinocchio Would Make a Terrible Santa

Photo of Santa holding a snow globe.

It this episode, Nicole and Michael chat about their basement, making donations, recycling, Super Mario, what to watch or avoid on streaming right now, and a documentary titled Santa Camp.