You Suck at Cleaning: Based on a True Story

Photo of a messy desktop.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about the things people don’t clean regularly but should, live nature cams, FEMA test, software betas, problems with Bird Buddy, Verizon, dog updates, and what they’ve been watching.

Rival Turf Meets Nicole’s Punch Circle

Screenshot from the game Rival Turf.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael chat about video games they’ve been playing, stuff they forgot to mention in previous episodes, the best cold brew coffee, smart bird feeders, dog adoption, wildfire air filtration, tipping culture, and what they’ve been streaming lately.

I’ll Always Be Here For You, But…Bulldozers

Photo of a bulldozer at sunrise.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk dogs and aging, pup cups, adventures at farmer’s markets, boilers, refrigerators, office furniture, almond milk, and more random topics.

Acting Is Fake, Your Dishwasher Is Dirty, And Your Dog Is Fat

Photo of an overweight pug.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael chat about the proliferation of new streaming platforms, good things to watch, fun games to play, cleaning that you shouldn’t postpone, dogs their diets and weight, and Nicole’s TikTok pick of the week.

We’re Doing Nothing to Help the Bees

Photo of a bee on a dandelion.

Join Nicole and Michael in a discussion about the first day at their farmer’s market, shows they’ve been streaming, how to file a complaint on a shady pet bed company, and ways to help the bees by doing nothing.

Sorry, Rick Grimes. MVP Thinks You Suck.

Photo of a zombie-esque city.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about where they’ve been lately, MVP talks about nerd books and sci-fi, good and terrible stuff they’ve been streaming, dog beds, and Nicole’s favorite TikTok star of the week.

Ding Dong, Fish Doorbell

Photo of De visdeurbell by Jolien87.

In this episode, we talk AI chat, rug corners, keto, charging, iPhones, the Office, and fish doorbells.