Sorry Tony Danza, Nicole’s the Boss

Screenshot of the main titles for the TV Show Who's the Boss?

In this episode, Nicole and Michael catch up after being off for a few weeks. Topics include Nicole’s expert research and reviews vs. Wirecutters, huge lawn Santas, winter dog care, solar power inverters, and more.

Nicole Didn’t Like Any of the Episode Titles We Wrote, So There

Photo of MVP blowing leaves.

In this episode, we reminder you to not forget about all the important Fall-season tasks you should do annually including changing batteries, rotating fan rotation, and more. We also chat about our favorite leaf clean up tools, bamboo fiber flour, clay paw prints, David McCallum, our new water pitcher, and Christmas decorations.

The Costco Ham Hunt and Other Stories

Photo of a Costco Ham.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael get ready for fall weather, talk about vampires and baking, the best Mario game, how to waterproof, saving money on pet medications, how medications are named, and play the first edition of Medication or Pokemon.

Welcome To Middle Age Mr. Timberlake

Photo of Justin Timberlake from the movie Reptile.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael have adventures with Covid-19, slips and falls, meal prep containers, saving money on YouTube Premium, Henry training updates, and an epic list of what they’ve been watching.

This Episode Has Gone to the Dogs

Photo of Clementine and Henry.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about identity theft, tests for humans to figure out what kind of dog they are, and all things dog including age, bathing, brushing, feeding, treating, training, and exercise.

Hello Kitty and The Triangle of Sadness

Illustration of Hello Kitty and a tear drop.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael share updates from Dr. Rotigel, easy ways to get labs done, mortgages, maintenance checks, weird TV briefcase combos, video games, and streaming videos and movies.

Wanted: Mini Golden Retriever, Must Love Cheese

Photo of Dr. Seely E. Rotigel, Kalamazoo's Visiting Vet.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael speak with Dr. Seely Rotigel about what it’s like to be an amazing veterinarian and owner of Kalamazoo’s best mobile veterinarian clinic.

McGruff The Crime Dog Was AGAINST Kidnapping

Photo of McGruff the Crime Dog.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about Bob Barker, advertising, ad blockings, Trump’s arrest, republican debates, country music and controversy, the heat dome, and McGruff The Crime Dog.

Luke, Just Do It

Photo of Darth Vadar sponsored by Nike.

In this episode, Nicole and Michael discuss dog DNA tests, traveling by car with dogs, girl math, the Mandela Effect, Hurricane Hillary, Big Brain Academy, and what they’ve been streaming this week.