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In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about the heart break of adopting and returning a new dog, what’s worth watching on streaming video, and updates from their exciting lives in Kalamazoo, MI.

Show Notes for Season 2 Episode 5

We Adopted and Returned a Sweet Dog

  • Bringing home a new dog 3, 3, 3, 1 rule
  • Routines, structure and procedure
  • Housebreaking – show the animal and praise, take them out regularly (mistakes happen)
  • Other dogs can help with this task
  • Eating: Where, when and how – NO FREE FEEDING – we hand feed new dogs for the first couple days
  • Sleeping: Where and when – dogs have a bedtime and sleep in their own space so they can feel safe
  • Around the house – stairs, doors (our girls are not allowed out the front door without a harness on), rooms, furniture, toys, riding in the car
  • Playing and exercise and activities

What Have We Been Watching?

What’s Been Happening?

  • Trees falling on your fence
  • AirPods vs hearing aids
  • MVP Reading G.I. Joe Comics from the 1980s
  • Eye surgery

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