Death, Bad Movies, Blindness and a Rainbow Light

In this episode, Nicole and Michael talk about what Christmas and New Years was like, Wilhelmina Lolita, dog adoption, what they’ve been watching online, really cool LED wall/window lights, and keratoconus.

Show notes for Season 2 Episode 1 – January 14, 2023

What’s Up

  • Christmas sucked
  • New Years sucked
  • We had a blizzard
  • I was cooking every meal for Wilhelmina
  • Thank god for the Dog Note app

Wilhelmina Lolita

Adopting Another Dog

  • Rescue vs shelter 


New Lights for the Office Windows

  • Seasonal LED/Neon lights
    • Ninitie Lights
      • Cost between $25 and $28 each
      • USB powered
      • Look great from front and back

What’s Michael Been Up To

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