Baseball Might be the One Thing Vinegar Can’t Make Better

We’ve got a joke (or two) for you, a conversation about changes to the official rules for baseball, dealing with stains and your favorite travel mug, dishwasher cleaning, rug corners, Spravato for anxiety and depression, and Nicole’s pick for her favorite TikTok account of the week.

Show Notes for Season 2 Episode 9

  1. Joke
  2. Baseball rules
    • MLB is changing the rules after over 100  years
    • Baseball games were taking over 3 hours – about two years ago they took 2 hours
    • Players would stand on the mound or the plate and fiddle with their gloves, their bat or the ball – needless fiddling
    • Shift Rule
      • Players can no longer shift (defensive shift) on the field for batters who hit differently – players can move only when the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand
      • Sport’s Illustrated explains – this will improve batting averages because players can no longer group together – they have to play their positions – balls will get through and be actual plays instead of outs
      • Nicole’s thought – for players who don’t hit better and no one shifted – embarrassing!
    • Pitch clock
      • Pitchers will have 15 seconds to throw a pitch with the bases empty and 20 seconds with a runner on base. Hitters will need to be in the batter’s box with eight seconds on the pitch clock.
      • Pitcher will be penalized with a ball and batter is penalized with a strike
      • Nicole’s thoughts – DAMN! – money would not have worked as a penalty
    • Pickoffs
      • A pickoff is when the pitcher throws the ball (or does a fake out) to try to get an out or tries to keep the runner close to the base. This can take up a LOT of time.
      • Pitchers are allowed to pickoff attempts per plate appearance without penalty.
      • If a third attempt is made, the pitcher will be charged with a balk – pitcher tries to intentionally deceive the hitter or runner by flinching – any men on base move forward and/or a ball is called
      • Nicole’s thoughts – *shrug emoji* more stolen bases maybe?
    • Bigger bases
      • Current bases are 15 inches – new bases will be 18 inches
      • Larger bases is supposed to decrease the number of injuries and increase the number of stolen bases (more base to work with makes it easier to steal)
      • Nicole’s thoughts – bigger bases will make less time between bases – I WAS RIGHT 4.5 fewer inches
  3. Coffee stains in travel mug
    1. Things Nicole has used
    2. Bottle Brite
    3. CleanHike – generic Bottle Brite (very minty)
    4. Retainer cleaner  M3 Naturals – did not work on retainer or travel mug
    5. Baking soda paste – works and is inexpensive and quick
    6. Ultrasonic cleaner – vinegar and water (works but not perfect – same as baking soda paste but easier) – also use to clean retainer
  4. Cleaning a dishwasher
    1. Clean the filter – found in the bottom floor – take out the filter and clean with soap and water
    2. Clean the seals on the outside with an all purpose cleaner – wipe everything down
    3. Spray down the entire inside with white vinegar – put one cup of white vinegar in a bowl and place on top rack and run hot cycle 
      1. OR buy Lemi-shine dishwasher cleaner tabs
  5. Rug corners that will not stay down
    1. It works and maintains
    2. I did one corner with ice and one corner with frozen water bottles – water bottles did not work
      1. On outdoor rugs this is just an okay fix – it works but not perfectly
  6. Esketamine – Spravato
    • Esketamine vs ketamine 
    • Finding the right doctor
    • Medication trials
    • Getting it approved by insurance
    • Spravato withME – Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) savings card
    • Things to bring with you:
      • iPad/iPhone
      • Headphones
      • Small blanket that can be washed
      • Water/gatorade
      • Snack for after (no eating 4 hours prior – light meal in the morning)
      • Music – playlist from John’s Hopkins)
      • Eye mask – neck pillow
      • Hard candy – Spravato nasal spray is bitter
      • Comfort item
  7. Nicole’s TikTok account of the week

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